Lafayette Coordinating Team
This page was last updated: August 23, 2016
Girl Scouts of Northern California
Role of the Lafayette Coordinating Team 
The Lafayette Coordinating Team (LCT) is the governing body of the Lafayette Service Unit (LSU). It consists of volunteers and one Council employee. The LCT keeps the Lafayette Service Unit running. The LCT meets monthly to determine appropriate local program/events for girls, ensure accurate and timely paperwork, manage the Service Unit budget, plan leader meetings, disseminate information and communicate with Council. 

All members of LCT can be wonderful resources. Feel free to contact any of them with questions or concerns you may have. 

LSU Purpose
The LSU helps nurture and grow the local Girl Scout movement, and supports local Girl Scout leaders in their efforts to provide leadership and personal development opportunities for girls.

LSU Goals and Objectives
In order to fulfill our purpose the  Service Unit has developed three primary goals and a number of objectives to meet those goals.  

I. Recruit and retain girls
Recruit new girls to Girl Scouts
Retain girls that we have recruited

II. Recruit, retain, and support leaders and volunteers
Proactively recruit leaders and volunteers
Welcome new leaders and volunteers
Provide on-going training
Provide Clear Communication
Provide Resources to Leaders
Recognize leaders’ and volunteers’ achievements

III. Develop a presence in the community
Involve parents and families of Girl Scouts
Create community partnerships
Be visible in the community.

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